• Image defining MIDFACE AGING, how do I solve it?
  • Aging is most pronounced around the under eye area to the tip of the nose,
    which is the midface. Everyone will experience midface aging at a certain age,
    due to smiling, talking and making facial expressions throughout their lives.
    Midface aging such as under eye wrinkle, sagging cheeks, nasolabial fold,
    midcheek groove, is one of the cause of overall old-looking and negative image.
  • Thus, if you are considering lifting procedure due to these causes,
    Marble Midface (Endotine) lifting that improves the midface
    effectively is advised.

Marble midface - endotine lifting

Semi-permanent lifting in one procedure without worrying side effect,
Marble Midface (Endotine) Lifting

  • # MID FACE
What is Midface Lifting?
An anti-aging surgery method that uses endotine - 2003 US FDA approved
human body friendly soft tissue fixation material,
to perform both midface lifting (facelift) and lower blepharoplasty
simultaneously for effective wrinkle improvement.
Medical material for lifting is used, with the principle of lifting and fixing
skin tissue to 5 hooks for stronger and balanced fixation effect.
Absorbed by the body starting from 6 months post-surgery, semi-permanent
result is expected, and through minimal incision concerns regarding scar
is lesser. Procedure is performed by lifting and fixating skin tissue to give
firmness and elasticity to the sagging skin for effective wrinkle improvement.


  • Person who wants to improve both under eye wrinkle and cheek sagging.
  • Person who has severe under eye sagging and can셳 be improved by under eye blepharoplasty alone.
  • Person who wants to improve negative facial impression due to aging.
  • Person who wants to do anti-aging and wrinkle improvement simultaneously.

  • Operation time
    Within 1 hour
    ~ 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Number of treatment
    1 week
  • Anesthesia method
    IV Sedation or
    General anesthesia
  • Number of treatment
  • Hospitalization

Side effect such as hemorrhage, infection, inflammation may occur and subjective satisfaction level may vary between individuals.

Marble Midface Lifting Procedure

  • Design amount of under eyes and
    midface lifting through 1:1 consultation
  • Strongly fixating using endotine,
    and repositioning unnecessary fat.
  • After making minimal incision under
    the eyes, overall midface tissue including
    the under eye area is lifted.

  • Suture the fixated under eye.
Endotine is US FDA, KFDA approved human body friendly soft tissue fixation
material, which lifts and fixates the skin tissue with the hooks on fixing plate,
thus strong lifting effect is expected. It is stable and has strong fixating power
which gives semi-permanent lifting effect, and is absorbed by the human body
within 12 months post-surgery, thus there are no foreign material sensation.
The procedure is done through minimal incision, hence no need to worry about
scarring, has lesser pain and faster recovery.

Marble Midface Lifting Areas

Why Marble Midface Lifting?

  • Refining image
    Deciding the suitable procedure for
    each patient by considering skin
    condition, to find back lost elasticity
    for youthful look.
  • Highly satisfying result
    Designing and deciding the suitable
    lifting thread by considering the
    overall harmony of the face to
    minimize side effect and give highly
    satisfying result.
  • Using safe and
    approved materials
    Only using US FDA and KFDA
    approved products.
  • Constant research
    Constant research in plastic surgery
    and continue to write thesis and
    participate in academic activities
    to provide a better service for
  • Aftercare system
    Systematic aftercare system is
    performed to provide faster recovery of
    swelling and bruising after surgery.
  • Secured safety system
    Prioritizing patient셲 safety and
    managing systematic hygiene
    control through sterilizing system.

with Midface Lifting

  • Thread lifting (Jaw line)
  • Fat grafting [Forehead/cheekbone/cheeks]
  • Fat grafting[Cheekbone/Forehead]
  • Fat grafting [Forehead]
  • Thread lifting
  • Full face fat grafting

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