• Marble Liposuction
  • Get Rid of unnecessary fatsfor sleek S line!

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What is Marble Liposuction?


Instead of simply removing fat, it reduces the fat storage by removing fat cells, thus providing a solution that matches individual
characteristics such as fat density and skin condition to complete a natural yet smooth body line.

  • Operation time
    Within 1~2 hours
  • Recovery Period
    Within 1~2 weeks
  • Anesthetic method
    Sleeping anesthesia and
    local anesthesia
  • Number of
    Hospital visits

    5 times
  • Hospitalization
    Not required

*Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur after surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Liposuction target

  • Those who have excessive body fat
  • Those who cannot loose weight with diet
  • Those who want to refine their bumpy body line
  • Those who wants to have a well-defined body in a short period

Personalized Surgery According to Patient셲 Case

  • Suction-Assisted
    Make sound pressure with vacuum pump and use conduit to suck fat and remove it.
    It is suitable for small parts like face,
    arm, thigh, or etc.
  • Power-Assisted
    As it removes a lot of fat fast, it is effective on the part like abdomen and love handle.
  • Accusulpt-Assisted Lipoplasty
    It is effective on the part, which has thin fat and saggy skin. So it is good for parts where liposuction is not easy, like cheek, chin, nasolabial fold and saggy skin. Not only corrects facial asymmetry but also good for skin lifting and tightening.

Liposuction Method

  • Through 1:1 consultation, decisions on desired body shape and surgery area are made.

  • Measures body fat, skin elasticity, and thickness using precise instruments.

  • Designs surgery area and decide the amount of suction.

  • Liposuction is performed with the right tools a ccording to the design.

  • Makes a smooth and balanced body line.

1:1 personalized consultation allows appropriate surgical methods to be applied and pure fat suction to create a smooth, balanced body line.

  • Personalized
  • Pure Fat
  • Detailed

Liposuction Areas

Liposuction Goals

What is BMI(Body Mass Index)?
Is a measurement of a person셲 weight with respect to his or her height.


with Natural Adhesion double eyelid

Why Marble Liposuction?

  • Anesthesiologist On Call
    As anesthesiologist is always ready on call, we perform a more safe and systematic anesthesia.
  • Highly satisfied results
    With high clinical experiences and 1:1 consultations, we plan the best personalized surgery.
  • Reassuring
    real-name policy
    From consulting to surgery, and follow-up management we always identify our staffs
  • Aftercare system
    We have a aftercare system for a fast recovery of swelling and scar after surgery.
  • Constant research
    We continue to write thesis and do academic activities to provide a better service to our patients.
  • Secured safety system
    We make our patient셲 safety first priority. Systematic hygiene control is carried out through sterilizing system

  • Abdominal liposuction
  • Thigh liposuction
  • Thigh liposuction

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