• Relief Nose Revision Surgery
    • Beauty and function at thesame time!

    *This image has been taken under the model셲 permission and may look
    different depending on the conditions of the shooting.

    • Relief Nose Revision Surgery
    • Beauty and function at thesame time!

    *This image has been taken under the model셲 permission and may look
    different depending on the conditions of the shooting.

쏻hat is Relief
Nose Revision Surgery?
It is a surgery for those who does not like the result of primary surgery,
occurring of contractures, deformation of prosthesis, and side effects
such as inflammation happens.
Since the primary surgery accurately identifies the cause of failure and
the tissue has already been damaged, it is necessary to go through the
surgery with an experienced specialist.

Causes of
nose revision surgery

  • - Position change of prosthesis
  • - Deformation in nose tip shape
  • - Contractures
  • - Inflammation
  • - Visible prosthesis

  • Operation time
    Within 1~1hour 30 minutes
  • Recovery Period
    Within a week
  • Anesthetic method
    Sleeping Anesthesia
  • Number of
    internal treatment

    2~3 times
  • Hospitalization
    Not Required

*Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur after surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Relief Nose Surgery Period

  • Typical period of nose revision surgery

    To minimize side effects, it is best to do revision surgery after
    6 months to 1 year when nose tissues are steady.

  • Inflamed case

    Incase inflammation occurred, it is best to do revision surgery after the inflammation subsides.

  • In case the prosthesis is removed

    If the prosthesis is removed, re-insertion revision surgery is performed after the cut has been completely cured.

Causes and Method of Relief Nose Surgery

  • Low Nose Tip
    If the nose tip cartilage is weak and has short columella, as time passes the cartilage tends to get lower. In this case extension of septum or strengthening of columella is done.
  • Shortened Nose of Contracture
    Nose being turned up and shortening of nose tips. In this case, revision is done with getting rid of prosthesis then extending skin and nose cartilage. Then find a new prosthesis that is suitable for the condition.
  • Dull Nose Tip
    When cartilage is not properly narrowed or if there is insufficient treatment for excessive fat, cartilage is recombined or the end cartilage is grafted into more appropriate shape and size for correction.
  • Nose Bridge Too High or Too Low
    Since the whole facial ratio is important in nose surgery, revision is done due to unsatisfactory height of nose bridge. Revision is done by changing the prosthesis size.
  • Nose Ridge Too Narrow or Too Wide
    The lines of the nose at the start of the eyelashes and the sides of the eye bone are either too wide or too narrow to sufficiently close the space where the existing prosthesis was located for correction.
  • Nose Bridge Looking Crooked
    When silicone that is placed on nose bone does not match the shape of the nose, it starts to sway to one side. Revision is done by trimming the part which is facing the nose bone.
  • Visible Prosthesis
    When prosthesis used in the primary surgery is visible. In this case, change is made to a new and sleek prosthesis or covering prosthesis with artificial skin before insertion.
  • Moving Prosthesis
    The prosthesis is not actually moving, but if it is continuously nerve-wracking, the prosthesis can be inserted under the cornea to match the ridges and shapes of the nose.
  • Inserted Cartilage is Crooked or Visible
    Side effect occurs when cartilage is not narrowed properly, or treatment of excessive fats are done poorly. Revision is done by gathering cartilage or re-inserting suitable sized cartilage.

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Why Marble Nose Surgery?

  • Highly satisfied results
    With high clinical experiences and 1:1 consultations, we plan the best personalized surgery.
  • Secured safety system
    We make our patient셲 safety first priority. Systematic hygiene control is carried out through sterilizing system
  • Reassuring
    real-name policy
    From consulting to surgery, and follow-up management we always identify our staffs
  • Emergency rescue
    equipment ready
    In case of emergency, we are equipped with Automated External Defibrillator(AED) and a self generator.
  • Aftercare system
    We have a aftercare system for a fast recovery of swelling and scar after surgery.
  • Constant research
    We continue to write thesis and do academic activities to provide a better service to our patients.

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