• Bella Gel냽Breast Surgery
    • Natural Shape and TextureIn any movement!

    *This image has been taken under the model셲 permission and may look
    different depending on the conditions of the shooting.

    • Bella Gel냽Breast Surgery
    • Natural Shape and TextureIn any movement!

    *This image has been taken under the model셲 permission and may look
    different depending on the conditions of the shooting.

쏮arble meets BellaGel
  • Up graded next
    generation breast
  • Smooth texture,
    natural contour
  • Highly experienced
    plastic surgeon
  • Breast surgery
    safety system

  • Operation time
    Within 2 hours
  • Anesthetic method
    General Anesthesia
  • Thread removal
  • Recovery Period
    1 week
  • Hospitalization

*Side effects such as hemorrhage, infection, inflammation may occur, and satisfaction level may differ according to each individual.

Bellagel SmoothFine

Use high-viscoelastic
Cohesive Gel as raw material

Fine, smooth micro-surface

Developed in HansBio-med
Laboratory registered in USA
FDA 510K

Easier to insert into
the human body with improved

BellaGel SmoothFine

Bellagel SmoothFine is the new name of Bellagel Micro which reflects
the regulation of International Organization of Standardization.

Reflecting the strengths of Round & Tear drop implant

Bellagel SmoothFine

Why SmoothFine?

Bellagel SmoothFine has smooth surface and fine
structure of approximately 5.96 micrometer

Using cohesive silicone gel as raw material, has high cohesive force and high viscoelasticity, prosthesis insertion is easy during surgery and has soft texture after surgery.

Bellagel SmoothFine
surface close up image

  • Fatigue Test
    Rotating the silicone gel artificial breast using regulated equipment and observed at 10X optical scale.
  • Durability Test
    Durability of Bellagel's Silicone Shell is managed based on international standards. (Based of ASTM F 703)
  • Shock Resistance Test
    4.4 kg of shock plate is dropped at the regulated height and observed if implant rupture occurs.(Experimented based on ISO 14607)
  • Silicon Leakage Prevention
    Consists of 5 layers, the barrier layer within the shell effectively prevents gel leakage due to implant rupture.

Bellagel SmoothFine is created by studying the physical characteristics of Korean and Asian women, provides 5 different projection and more than 100 detailed size options to allow suitable implant selection for each patient's body.

Warranty program is provided for patients who have been treated with Bellagel implant for the reassurance of both medical staff and patient choosing Bellagel.

ISO 14067 - Non-active surgical implants -- Mammary implants -- Particula requirements
ASTM F703 - Standard Specicication for Implantable Breast Prostheses
FDA CUIDANCE - Saline, Silicone Gel, and Alternative Breast Implants

FDA Guideline Test Method for Mechanical and Physical Chemical properties of Silicone Gel and Breast Prosthesis

Bellagel SmoothFine follows strict manufacturing process and manufactured according to the international guideline (ISO 14607, ASTM F703, FDA Guidance) of production process management and quality testing.

BellaGel SmoothFine Q&A

  • Smooth or Textured?
    According to ISO artificial breast surface characteristics standard, it is classified as Smooth. Through new manufacturing method, fine and smooth surface texture is reflected, and with surface texture that is compatible to the human body, reduces capsular contracture, and reduces side effects such as seroma and double capsule.
  • Does Bellagel SmoothFine offer warranty program?
    Bellagel SmoothFine offers warranty program that guarantees implant exchange due to implant rupture or revision surgery.
  • The difference between Bellagel SmoothFine and Bellagel Micro?
    Bellagel SmoothFine is a new type of breast implant created by improving the shape and texture of tactile of existing Bellagel implant. The implant spreads out round when lying down due to its soft gel and shell, and is similar to the tear drop implant, resulting breast-like shape when standing.
  • Is Bellagel SmoothFine certified safe?
    Bellagel SmoothFine uses cohesive silicone gel as raw material and is approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). The safety of patients shall be the first priority by producing products that follows strict international guidelines, such as rupture test, fatigue test, tensile strength test and more than 20 mechanical tests.


with Breast Surgery

Why Marble Breast Surgery?

  • Full HD high resolution
    With high resolution endoscope, it reduces bleeding and pain during breast surgery and allows faster recovery.
  • Anesthesiologist On Call
    As anesthesiologist is always ready on call, we perform a more safe and systematic anesthesia.
  • Ultrasonic Test
    Ultrasonic testing is performed to detect various problems, such as breast diseases.
  • Systematic Aftercare
    Through personalized care in pain, line, texture, and scar it helps reduce pain and fast recovery after surgery.
  • Safe Agreement System
    Safe real-name policy, safe examination system, and emergency equipment are ready to protect the safety and rights of patients.

Find out Bellagel SmoothFine's texture

Natural texture test

*The model in the video is an image model

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