• Marvelous
    Breast Surgery Care
  • Marble Plastic Surgery has a systematic care system for more
    satisfactory results.

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Marvelous Breast Surgery Care

  • 1:1 Personalized Consultation

    1:1 Breast
    Surgery Plan
    Through 1:1 consultation,
    we plan surgeries
    according to current
    breast shape and skin conditions.

    Size That Fits
    Your Body
    Decide the size and
    shape that fits
    the body shape.

    Prosthesis Recommendations According to Patient셲 Conditions and Needs Recommends prosthesis
    according to the patient셲
    desired texture,
    shape, and size.

  • Full HD Endoscope Breast Surgery

    Precise and Meticulous Dissection With full HD endoscope,
    we make meticulous

    Low risk of nerve, tissue damage, and less bleeding With precise and
    meticulous desquamation,
    nerve and tissue damage
    risks are low and
    less bleeding.

    High Satisfactions Because the surgery is
    carried out through
    monitoring, the surgery is
    satisfactory without any errors.

  • Marvelous Breast Surgery After Care

    Pain Relief and
    Fast Recovery
    after Surgery
    We offer high frequency treatment to help relief swelling, bruises, and
    pain after surgery.

    Line and Scar
    We provide treatment and
    care for texture,
    line and surgery scar
    as well.

    Check Up
    Regular check up after
    surgery is held to
    check breast diseases
    as well.

Marvelous Breast Surgery Care Schedule

  • Wears
    Surgical Bra
  • Surgical Site
    Skin Disinfection
  • Blood Bag
    (Use of blood bag
    depends on the
    surgery method.)
  • Thread Removal, Capsular Contraction Prevention Medication, High Frequency Care Treatment
  • High Frequency Care Treatment
  • 1 Month Progress Check and High Frequency Care Treatment

+3Months/6Months/1Year Progress Check

  • Compression Bra
    Personalized compression bras are provided to help you get the right breast shape.
  • Disinfection
    Disinfection of surgical site skin to prevent inflammation.
  • Blood Bag Removal
    Removes the blood bag that was used to prevent capsular contraction.
  • 1 Week Progress Check
    Removes thread, provide capsular contraction prevention medication, and high frequency care treatment.
  • High Frequency Care Treatment
    Through high frequency treatment, it makes the film smoother.
  • 1 Month Progress Check
    After progress check, high frequency treatment is provided.

Marble셲 Special Care

To improve satisfaction after breast surgery,
we provide a systematic after care based on individual셲 results.

  • Private Recovery Room
    We provide private recovery room for
    comfortable recovery without disturbance.
  • Pain Shot
    If you experience pain after breast surgery,
    we provide a pain shot for pain relief.
  • Capsular Contraction Prevention Medication
    In case of emergency after surgery, we are prescribing a thorough
    progress check and a preventive medicine for capsular contraction.
  • Surgical Bra
    Personalized surgical bras are provided to help
    you get the right breast shape.
  • Texture Care
    We provide high frequency treatment for relief of
    swelling, bruises, and blood circulation.
  • Scar Treatment
    The scar from the surgical site is managed through a
    scar injection or a scar correction depending on the severity of the scar.
  • Regular High Frequency Care Treatment
    After surgery, we will conduct a regular high frequency
    treatment to check progress and breast-related diseases.
    Marble셲 effective special care will prevent capsular
    contraction, relief swelling and pain, and generate collagen.

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Augmentation

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