• PRP Fat Grafting
  • High engraftment Fat GraftingVoluminous Baby Face!

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What is Marble PRP Fat Grafting?


Extract pure fat to inject fat into areas where the volume of the face is lacking, for a voluminous face.
Also by injecting PRP that has concentrated blood platelet increases chance of engraftment.
쏻hat is Marble PRP? This is a plasma component that condenses its own blood more than normal blood by using a centrifugal separator. When PRP is combined with fat, the rate of fat is much higher and the platelets cause fundamental skin regeneration.
  • - Collagen generating effect
  • - Minimum side effects with
      autologous platelet
  • - Reinforced regenerative ability
  • - Fast scar recovery with cellular
      regeneration effect

  • Operation time
    Within an hour
  • Recovery Period
    3~4 days
  • Anesthetic method
    Sleeping Anesthesia
  • Number of
    Hospital visits

  • Hospitalization
    Not required

*Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur after surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

PRP Fat Injection target

  • Person who has a flat face
  • Person who looks old because of saggy skin and shrinking fat
  • Person who wants voluminous face line without prosthesis
  • Person who wants a voluminous, youthful face line

PRP Fat Grafting Procedures

  • Through 1:1 consultation, surgery area and fat graft dose are decided.

  • Suction made from thighs, hips, or abdomen.

  • Extract pure fat and PRP through centrifugal separating machine.

  • Inject the extracted fat and PRP for a voluminous
    face line.

Why Marble PRP Fat Grafting?

湲곕낯젙蹂 엯젰
Typical Fat Grafting vs PRP Fat Grafting
30~50% extra fat is needed Amount of fat needed Amount to be injected
20 ~ 30% Fat engraftment rate 70~80%
Secondary surgery is needed Revision Surgery Satisfied with primary surgery
Elasticity is not improved Skin elasticity PRP growth factors improve regeneration
and skinelasticity

Fat grafting injects fat evenly in layers to balance your face.

Proper range of volume will refine image to a voluminous youthful image.

  • Unnaturally enlarged face
  • Face with less volume
  • Naturally toned face line

PRP Fat Grafting Areas


with PRP Fat grafting

Why Marble PRP Fat grafting?

  • Highly satisfied results
    With high clinical experiences and 1:1 consultations, we plan the best personalized surgery.
  • Image Refinement
    We decide on the right surgery considering the skin condition of the patient, refines the saggy skin to a youthful skin.
  • Reassuring
    real-name policy
    From consulting to surgery, and follow-up management we always identify our staffs.
  • Constant research
    We continue to write thesis and do academic activities to provide a better service to our patients.
  • Aftercare system
    We have a aftercare system for a fast recovery of swelling and scar after surgery.
  • Secured safety system
    We make our patient셲 safety first priority. Systematic hygiene control is carried out through sterilizing system

  • Thread lifting (Jaw line)
  • Fat grafting [Forehead/cheekbone/cheeks]
  • Fat grafting[Cheekbone/Forehead]
  • Fat grafting [Forehead]
  • Thread lifting
  • Full face fat grafting

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