• Face Lift Surgery
  • Improve the fundamental cause of wrinklesfor elastic and youthful facial line!

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What is Marble Face Lift Surgery?


This surgery improves skin sagging and deep wrinkles due to aging skin.
It is a principle to improve basic elasticity by lifting the SMAS layer, which contributes to saggy skin and wrinkles.

What is SMAS Layer?

superficial muscular aponeurotic혻system

The SMAS layer is a thin layer of fiber between the base layer and the muscle layer under the skin. The SMAS layer is weak to gravitational force, which creates wrinkles and causes skin to droop over time. In case you lift the skin alone, the skin will be saggy again due to sagging SMAS layer. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the SMAS layer, which is the fundamental cause of skin aging, to achieve a satisfactory lifting effect.

  • Operation time
    Within 2 hours
  • Recovery Period
    1~2 weeks
  • Anesthetic method
    Sleeping Anesthesia
  • Number of
    Hospital visits

  • Hospitalization
    Not required

*Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur after surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Facial Changes due to Aging

Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur after surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

  • - Elastic skin, cheeks
  • - Defined facial features
  • - smooth nasolabial fold
  • - voluminous temple
  • - Flabby skin, droopy cheeks
  • - Undefined facial features
  • - deep nasolabial fold
  • - Temple with no volume

Face lift surgery target

  • Person who wants to refine wrinkles on whole face
  • Person who did not get satisfactory results with other lifting surgery
  • Person who wants to improve fundamental reason for skin aging
  • Person who wants to improve saggy facial skin to a elastic skin

Face Lift Surgery Procedures

1:1 Personalized Surgery Plan
The incision is designed according to individual셲 facial shape
and hairline to make the scar is not visible after surgery.
  • Through 1:1 consultation, decisions on area of lifting is made.

  • Incisions made along the hairline following the back of the ear from temple to the back of the ear and decorticate the creased area.

  • Breaks the tissue between the layers from the epidermis to the SMAS layer and cuts the saggy skin.

  • Secure the skin up to the SMAS layer and stitching is done along the hairline so that no scar can be seen.

  • Wrinkles are refined and elastic face is made.

Thread Lifting VS Face Lift Surgery

湲곕낯젙蹂 엯젰
Thread Lifting vs Face Lift Surgery
Non Incisional Surgery Method Incisional
Partial Wrinkle Improvement Wrinkle Improvement Effects Whole Face Wrinkle Improvement
Local Anesthesia Anesthesia Sleeping Anesthesia
6months~1year (according to types of thread) Lasting Effects Semi-permanent Effects


with Face Lift Surgery

Why Marble Face Lift Surgery?

  • Image Refinement
    We decide on the right surgery considering the skin condition of the patient, refines the saggy skin to a youthful skin.
  • Fast Recovery
    Minimum incisions are made so there are less swelling, bruises, and bleeding. Therefore, fast recovery is possible.
  • 1:1 Personalized system
    We make our surgery plan through 1:1 consultation based on the person셲 characteristics.
  • Aftercare system
    We have a aftercare system for a fast recovery of swelling and scar after surgery.
  • Reassuring
    real-name policy
    From consulting to surgery, and follow-up management we always identify our staffs.
  • Constant research
    We continue to write thesis and do academic activities to provide a better service to our patients.

  • Thread lifting (Jaw line)
  • Fat grafting [Forehead/cheekbone/cheeks]
  • Fat grafting[Cheekbone/Forehead]
  • Fat grafting [Forehead]
  • Thread lifting
  • Full face fat grafting

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