• Relief Breast
    Revision Surgery
  • Detailed Analysis of Failure,Accurate and Precise Revision Surgery

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쏻hat is Relief Breast
Revision Surgery?
If the result of surgery is not satisfactory or if there is a side effect,
this operation improves the desired shape to prevent secondary
revision by accurately identifying the cause.

Causes of Breast Revision Surgery

  • - When capsular contraction has occurred
  • - When the shape or size is unsatisfactory
  • - Rippling effects
  • - Deformation of prosthesis
  • - Inflammation after breast surgery
  • - Asymmetric breasts

  • Operation time
    Within 3 hours
  • Anesthetic method
    General Anesthesia
  • Thread removal
    Not Required
  • Recovery Period
    Within a week
  • Hospitalization
    1 Day

*Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur after surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Causes and Method of Relief Breast Surgery

  • Capsular Contraction
    Capsular contraction is classified as 4 stages, and 3~4th stage of capsular contraction needs a revision surgery. In this case, position of prosthesis is changed and removal of the film or prosthesis replacement is made.
  • Stages of Capsular Contraction

    Natural and does not feel prosthesis

    No external problems but prosthesis can be felt

    Prosthesis can be felt, breast starts to harden, and prosthesis starts to be visible externally.

    Hardened breast, prosthesis starts to deform, and pain.

  • Ruptured Prosthesis
    If the prosthesis consists of saline solution damage, leakage, and rupture may occur. In this case, replacement is made to a new prosthesis after getting rid of the existing prosthesis and leaked silicone.
  • Asymmetrical Breasts
    Asymmetrical breasts that are caused by wrong design, exfoliation, and insertion during surgery will undergo prosthesis replacement after making enough room.
  • Not Satisfied with the Size or Shape
    When size and shape after surgery is unsatisfactory, existing prosthesis is removed and exchanged to a new prosthesis with desired size for a satisfactory shape and size.
  • Rippling Effect
    (Prosthesis can be felt)
    When prosthesis is bigger than patient셲 chest or exfoliation is not made properly, rippling may occur. If it is not apparent, or does not cause discomfort, revision surgery is unnecessary. However in severe cases prosthesis replacement surgery is made to fix.

Relief Breast Surgery Revision Surgery Period

  • After Primary Surgery

    It is best to do revision surgery after 6months~1year after primary surgery, when tissues start to stabilize.

  • In case of Prosthesis Damage and Deformation

    In case of prosthesis damage and deformation, revision surgery can be managed to be sooner.

  • In case of Prosthesis Removal

    In case patient have removed prosthesis, the scars of surgery area must be healed before revision surgery.

  • In case of Capsular Contraction and Inflammation

    In case of capsular contraction and inflammation, revision surgery should be made as soon as possible.

Ideal Breast Proportion

Creates ideal proportions and suitable volume breast lines
depending on individual셲 physical condition and shape.

  • Ideal distance of nipples
  • Ideal angle
  • Ideal breast proportion
  • 1. Distance from collarbone to nipple 18~20cm
    2. Distance from chest bone to nipple 20~22cm
    3. Distance between the nipples 18~20cm
  • Ideal breast line angle 45
    Ideal nipple angle 90
  • Proportion between upper breast and
    under breast 45:55 Comes down forming a
    straight line and slightly concave upper breast,
    curved under breast shape

Prosthesis Selection Criteria

Prosthesis Shape

  • Round Type
    Low possibility of capsular contracture, breast massage after surgery is unnecessary and touch will be smoother as time passes.
  • Teardrop Type
    Less protrusion of upper breast which makes a natural line. One of most preferred type for patients nowadays.

Prosthesis Height

  • Narrow and High Type
    Suitable for Asians who have narrow chest. Desired volume and line is available for narrow chest as well
  • Midrange Type
    The most generally used type. Suitable for patients with average chest size
  • Wide and Low Type
    Suitable for patients with wide chest. For those who has volume in general, but wants a slight change

Types of Prosthesis


with Breast Surgery

Why Marble Breast Surgery?

  • Full HD high resolution
    With high resolution endoscope, it reduces bleeding and pain during breast surgery and allows faster recovery.
  • Anesthesiologist On Call
    As anesthesiologist is always ready on call, we perform a more safe and systematic anesthesia.
  • Ultrasonic Test
    Ultrasonic testing is performed to detect various problems, such as breast diseases.
  • Systematic Aftercare
    Through personalized care in pain, line, texture, and scar it helps reduce pain and fast recovery after surgery.
  • Safe Agreement System
    Safe real-name policy, safe examination system, and emergency equipment are ready to protect the safety and rights of patients.

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