• Endoscopic
    Forehead Lift
  • Firm up your forehead and go fromSaggy eyelids to a definite one!

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What is Marble Endoscopic Forehead Lift?


It is an operation that improves the drooping of forehead and eyebrow eyelids due to aging through endoscopic equipment.
It reduces nerve and muscle vascular damage, and it can be improved with a clear eye without incisional line.
  • Eyebrow Adjustment
    Adjusts the degree of eyebrow셲
  • Eye line Adjustment
    Correction of small and stuffy eyes.
  • Wrinkle Adjustment
    Correction of wrinkles on forehead and between the eyebrows.
If you are not satisfied with your eyes even though you have double eyelids, 쐃yebrows and eyelids are the main cause. When you try to solve only the eyelid area and you have droopy eyebrows, the narrow distance between the eyes and eyebrows create an awkward impression.
Therefore, the angle of the eyelids and eyebrows should be adjusted together.

  • Operation time
    Within an hour
  • Recovery Period
    1~2 weeks
  • Anesthetic method
    Sleeping Anesthesia
  • Number of
    Hospital visits

  • Hospitalization
    Not required

*Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur after surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Endoscopic Lifting Target

쏤ull HD Endoscope Equipment The endoscope of the Marble Plastic Surgery is able to see the nerves, muscles and blood vessels in detail through the Full HD endoscope, and precisely decorticates to the top of the eyebrows, so you can expect a more satisfying surgical result.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift Procedures

  • Incisions made vertically only about 1cm of the upper part of the hairline.

  • Full HD endoscope reduces nerve tissue damage and decorticates precisely.

  • Pull the sagging muscles and skin to fix it to the periosteum, adjust the eyebrow or forehead shape. After adjustments are made, it is sewn together.

  • Wrinkles are refined and a clear eye shape is made.

Full HD Endoscope Equipment

  • Saggy Eyelids

  • Droopy Eyebrows

  • Deep wrinkles on forehead and middle of the forehead

  • Strong Impression

  • Asymmetrical Eyebrows

  • Narrow distance between eyes and eyebrows


with Endoscopic Lifting

Why Marble Endoscopic Lifting?

  • Image Refinement
    We decide on the right surgery considering the skin condition of the patient, refines the saggy skin to a youthful skin.
  • Aftercare system
    We have a aftercare system for a fast recovery of swelling and scar after surgery.
  • Reassuring
    real-name policy
    From consulting to surgery, and follow-up management we always identify our staffs.
  • Secured safety system
    We make our patient셲 safety first priority. Systematic hygiene control is carried out through sterilizing system
  • 1:1 Personalized system
    We make our surgery plan through 1:1 consultation based on the person셲 characteristics.
  • Constant research
    We continue to write thesis and do academic activities to provide a better service to our patients.

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  • Thread lifting
  • Full face fat grafting

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