• Microtexture
      Breast Surgery
    • Soft texture,Ideal Breast Line!

    *This image has been taken under the model셲 permission and may look
    different depending on the conditions of the shooting.

    • Microtexture
      Breast Surgery
    • Soft texture,Ideal Breast Line!

    *This image has been taken under the model셲 permission and may look
    different depending on the conditions of the shooting.

쏻hat is Microtexture Breast Surgery? Breast surgery with pros of textured and
smooth combined for a more natural shape and texture.

  • Operation time
    Within 2 hours
  • Anesthetic method
    General Anesthesia
  • Thread removal
    Not Required
  • Recovery Period
    Within a week
  • Hospitalization
    1 Day

*Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur after surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Microtexture Breast Surgery Target

  • CASE 01

    Those who have slim body figure who desires natural breast enlargement
  • CASE 02

    Those who wants smooth and natural texture
  • CASE 03

    For breast surgery with least side effects
  • CASE 04

    Those who have thin skin and small breast tissues
  • CASE 05

    Those who have narrow chest who desires voluminous breast

Microtexture Breast Prosthesis

- Smooth Texture
- Natural Movement

- Low Risk of contracture
- Massage is unnecessary

Micro Texture is a prosthesis with the pros of both smooth and textured type together. It has a low risk of contracture and has a smooth texture with natural movement.

Kinds of Microtexture

  • EURO
    It is a prosthesis that implements the latest Micro texture technology, which increases organizational cohesiveness and reduces the incidence of contracture.
  • Motiva
    3D INCERSION makes the surface more detailed and precise, so the surface is free from allergic reactions caused by unnecessary debris, making the touch smoother and more natural.
  • Mentor
    It is a highly safe prosthesis approved by the FDA not only for silicon but also for skin. Through precise charging technology, it produces a volume that is more suitable for Koreans.
  • Bella Gel
    It's a prosthesis made with state of art technology. Built with precise structure with high human tissue affinity PORE structure, it is developed using advanced texturing techniques to create a smooth texture.

Types of Microtexture

  • Narrow and High Type
    Suitable for Asians who have narrow chest. Desired volume and line is available for narrow chest as well
  • Midrange Type
    The most generally used type. Suitable for patients with average chest size
  • Wide and Low Type
    Suitable for patients with wide chest. For those who has volume in general, but wants a slight change

Incisional Area

湲곕낯젙蹂 엯젰
Incisional Area
Surgery Method
Armpit Incision
Incision of 2~4cm of armpit crease
Under line Incision
Incision of 3~4cm of breast under line
Areola Incision
Incision of 2cm around the areola
Pros Can maintain natural shape and less damage of
areola area. Can preserve senses.
Short surgery period, simplest surgery method Arm movement is comparatively comfortable.
Easy to free up space for prosthesis
Cons Uncomfortable arm movement after surgery Scars may be visible Unavailable for patients with small areola

Prosthesis Location

湲곕낯젙蹂 엯젰
Prosthesis Location
Surgery Method
Under the Muscles
Insert prosthesis under pectoral muscle
Under the Fascia
Insert 2/3 of prosthesis under and 1/3 upper part of fascia
Armpit Incision
Insertion of prosthesis on upper side of pectoral muscle and right under glandular tissue
Pros Natural touch, easy to form a tear drop shape Adjustment of the degree of exposure of prosthesis is possible under glandular tissue to create a natural breast shape Minimal damage in the blood vessels and nerves. Prosthesis can셳 be felt.
Cons If patient does not have breast muscles, prosthesis may be felt Requires high level operational skills, therefore experienced surgeons are needed May be unnatural for saggy breasts. Comparatively high risk of capsular contracture occurrence


with Breast Surgery

Why Marble Breast Surgery?

  • Full HD high resolution
    With high resolution endoscope, it reduces bleeding and pain during breast surgery and allows faster recovery.
  • Anesthesiologist On Call
    As anesthesiologist is always ready on call, we perform a more safe and systematic anesthesia.
  • Ultrasonic Test
    Ultrasonic testing is performed to detect various problems, such as breast diseases.
  • Systematic Aftercare
    Through personalized care in pain, line, texture, and scar it helps reduce pain and fast recovery after surgery.
  • Safe Agreement System
    Safe real-name policy, safe examination system, and emergency equipment are ready to protect the safety and rights of patients.

Natural texture test

*The model in the video is an image model

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  • Breast Augmentation

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